Mobile Application Design

Over the past quadranscentennial, Smartphone become an important part of our lives. Our dependency over the Smartphone is increasing day by day. From the weather checking to run a business, we often rely on Smartphone in order to complete our daily tasks without any hassle.

Now the question is what will be the next level of Smartphone or what can we do in order to make the Smartphone more useful so that it can help us in making our tasks easy.

In the present time world, individuals are curious about what is mobile app development. Mobile application development is the method of creating a mobile application to run on numerous mobile platforms. In other words, a mobile platform is a mobile software system.

Iphone Development

As all of us know Iphone is a well-reputed mobile device used all around the globe by the Smartphone lovers. The tremendous demand of Iphone gives a straightaway signal that not only guarantees a good return on investment for the application development but also does well for the users.

Netfrux Technologies is an outstanding Iphone application development organization that offers marvelous, perfect and progressive Iphone application development services all around the globe.

On the flip side, now the question is why you choose us as there are a number of mobile app development companies are available in the market?

We have a well-experienced team of Iphone developers that are skilled in designing both Iphone and IPad applications. Along with years of experience and core knowledge of Iphone development, our IOS app development covers sectors including Education, Entertainment, Interactive Book, Business, Travel, Lifestyle, News, Weather, Utility & Productivity, Game, Social Networking Sites, GPS-based, and Finance Iphone app development.

Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a key role in the creation of a website. Graphic Design is an art of adding graphics for promoting the business or a company. In simple words, we can say graphics are used to convey the message through symbols.

Netfrux Technologies is one of the most recommended graphic design company based in Chandigarh, India. We ensure you that we are able to design graphics for you in such a way that graphics designed by us will speak for your company or business.

Phone Gap

Phone Gap is a software system development framework by Adobe System, that is employed to develop mobile applications. To develop apps using Phone Gap, the developer doesn’t need knowledge of mobile programming language except for web-development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Netfrux Technologies have an excellent team of mobile app development that provides you a PhoneGap through which one can access to powerful native features including Camera, Compass, Contacts, File, Geolocation, Media, Network, Notifications, Storage and much more